Tuesday, April 15, 2014

MeterSync Connects Android, Centrodyne Taximeters

MADISON, WI - MeterSync, released today by Codeversant, is the first Android app to provide automated generation of a daily trip sheet for taxicabs equipped with Centrodyne S600 Series taximeters. Utilizing a standard RS-232/Bluetooth adapter, MeterSync records, timestamps and geocodes each taximeter On/Off event to provide a comprehensive and accurate trip sheet automatically. 

The tripsheet data can be shared to a variety of destinations, including GMail, Google Docs, Dropbox, Evernote, and more.  Drivers and fleet operators can upload the data generated by MeterSync to generate a Google Map of their business for analysis.

Optimized for both phones and tablets, MeterSync can display and reset the daily and accumulated meter totals, enable and disable the meter, and display the current firmware configuration and any meter error codes. 

In addition, MeterSync provides a simple API for other taxi software developers to read the current meter state, and get notified of meter on/off events, including fare totals. This allows android developers to quickly provide taximeter integration in their own apps, without having to deal with Bluetooth Serial code.

The software developers at Codeversant have decades of experience creating software for the taxi industry. The lead developer of MeterSync spent many years behind the wheel himself. MeterSync was created with taxi drivers and fleet operators in mind.