Sunday, October 12, 2014

MeterSync 2.0 Now Works With Most DDS-Compatible Taximeters

MeterSync 2.0, available on Google Play, is now compatible with most taximeters that are able to communicate with DDS mobile terminals. Given the widespread use of these terminals, MeterSync should now be capable of working with most taximeters used in North America.

Taximeters that have built-in bluetooth capabilities, such as Record Technologies Record CG3, should be usable out of the box. Serial-capable taximeters, such as the Centrodyne S600 series, require a simple Bluetooth/RS-232 adapter.

Track your fares with MeterSync, and use your clipboard for what it was designed for -- keeping food out of your lap.

The MeterSync developer API is currently undergoing revisions to make it easier than ever to keep your Android dispatching app aware of what the taximeter is doing. Stay tuned for further updates.